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For all fans of Toradora! Whether you like Amin, Minorin, Taiga, Ryuuji, or even Kitamura, you're welcome here. ^^
Suscribe to any new Toradora figures coming out.

OP1: Pre-parade

ED1: Vanilla Salt

OP2: Silky Heart

ED2: Orange

Whatever you do though, don't piss off Taiga...

If anyone wants to be a mod or admin, just let me know.

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0Il y a 2 ansArekusuArekusu
For me Toradora is still the best"love-comedy" anime ever!!!
0Il y a 5 ansFgrClctnFgrClctn
Don't know how I could have missed this club for so long, but definitely one of my favorite series. I want some figures of the guys; I've toyed with the idea of converting this figure to represent Ryuuji, item #50597 To me it seems pretty close.
0Il y a 5 ansshinobicRyoshinobicRyo
just joined, go taiga!!!!
0Il y a 6 ansYukiteruYukiteru
taiga is awensome
we love her xD
0Il y a 6 ansTommyTommy
Ami is fine... Minorin not >.<
0Il y a 6 ansHeartAttackerHeartAttacker
Somebody please kill Ami Kawashima... =_= baka chi
0Il y a 6 ansChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
taiga with tiger suit up for pre-order:

item #64148

also hello x3 just joined hahah :P
I <3 taiga and tsunderes in general ;P hehe
0Il y a 6 ansFabfabFabfab
Soon we'll have italiana release too: I'm very happy for that! :)
0Il y a 7 ansPax416Pax416
True. NIS America did an amazing job with the DVD sets. I never watched Toradora but heard quite a bit about it. I'm more into art books so when I saw that the premium sets were bundled with a collector's book I thought I'd give it a shot.

Popped in the DVD and I instantly loved the series. Just an amazing anime all around. I especially liked how, considering the themes, they took a realistic approach to developing the story.

I wish I could get more of Ami though. She's my favorite ^^
0Il y a 7 ansEllyElly
psichToradora Vol 2 DVD set has a pre-order now.
Available at NISA store (formerly Rosenqueen) and Rightstuf

The premium DVD sets are AMAZING! Do plan to get these if you love the show; they're definitely worth every penny! NISA did a great job with the translation and the nice hardcover book it comes with it. A must for Toradora fans~

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