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adv_shinadv_shinIl y a 10 ans
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Finished watching the first series of this show,pretty good so far,shes definitely my favourite girl in this show,was looking for some asuka figure i could get ,hopefully they release some anime accurate asuka with good quality and pose ,so far the others old releases are looking so so for me
Il y a 3 ans
I loved this club! <3
Il y a 3 ans
Happy Birthday, dear Asuka-sama~!
Il y a 4 ans

Asukas forever :D
Il y a 5 ans
Posted a review of a lovely old Asuka figure BLOG #19246
Il y a 5 ans

You can check my Asukas here :D
Il y a 5 ans
lauderdale iwa-chan
I forgot to post this here yesterday!
Anyways, Happy Birthday, AGAIN, to Asuka!

Il y a 5 ans
Already December the 4th here in Europe:

Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag, my dear Asuka~♥

I'll surely celebrate this special day happily, along with the princess ^///^

According to the timeline, Asuka is finally 13 years old, as in the series.
Plus, one more year and it will be already 2015, and thus, Evangelion will be the present for us.
Il y a 5 ans
Its been a year since this was last commented? But Asuka's birthday is tomorrow in the US! Another year :)
Il y a 5 ans
GlashersIl y a 6 ans#1869895OMG I WANT THIS ONE SO BAD

hm the link doesn't works :(
Il y a 6 ans