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Katana Fever
TrishlerTrishlerIl y a 10 ans
For those who like Samurais, Ninjas, Kimonos, Katanas and everything involving Japan's Middle-Age warriors...


Sengoku BASARA | Hakuouki Fan Club
MàJ Il y a 9 ans145 utilisateurs27 commentaires


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Hey ! I've found a statue of Musashi on Facebook : ITEM #802190
I think it's not an "official" resin but it is awesome O_O But so expensive ....
Do you have more information about it ?
What do you think about it ?
Il y a 1 an
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
sorry to randomly throw in a pre-order thing..
but i wondered if someone is interested in ryougi shiki from BiJ ? 5140 yen
ITEM #3139
Il y a 7 ans
Don't screw with bushido \m/
Il y a 8 ans
How to join??
Il y a 8 ans
Don't know why I'm having trouble linking this one. Maybe it is already included, but I didn't see it.
ITEM #1329
Il y a 8 ans

I think this is the right club for me ^_^
Il y a 8 ans
I'm looking for Tensa Zangetsu, because I want to make "Ichigo Kurosaki Bankai" cosplay
Il y a 9 ans
im selling my shinsengumi rasetsu HJ exclusive set .
i think ill let it go cheap. US$100 + shipping.
Il y a 9 ans
K-MuWhy do they make so many exclusive figures?

Cos they r wants r moneys
Il y a 9 ans
Why do they make so many exclusive figures?
Il y a 9 ans
Import from Japan



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