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Let's get together to talk about our cute classmates.
Uiharu Kazari item #42027 & Saten Ruiko item #41616

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0Il y a 6 anstotoro10totoro10
nice ^_^
0Il y a 6 ansmikamika
Welcome Alice_Makise, you are the 50th member to this club ^_^
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 7 ans)mikamika
Can't find really sweet school girl figures anywhare. Like Haruka on the club picture. Anyone seen some orderable sweeties lately?
0Il y a 7 ansStrategoesStrategoes
I like it. Gonna give it my two thumbs up kirby style: (b ' ' )b
0Il y a 7 ansZaffiraZaffira
Hi !
Nice idea of club ^^
there are a lot of figures with classmates =D
0Il y a 7 ansmikamika
cdROOTatNIXMember 20 reporting to duty! ^.^
Wellcome, ようこそ.
0Il y a 7 anscdROOTatNIXcdROOTatNIX
Member 20 reporting to duty! ^.^
0Il y a 7 ansmikamika
Just created a new Gossip discussion. Well, you know the topic.
0Il y a 7 ansSakanaSakana

I'm joining!

Classmates are the best x3
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 6 ans)DistantAvalonDistantAvalon
School girls are nice~!



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