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Lelouch_CCLelouch_CCIl y a 11 ans
Welcome to the Code Geass Fan Club! This group is for anyone who loves Code Geass in general and for those that also love to collect Code Geass figures.
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I want scaled version of Julius Kingsley and Suzaku Kururugi from Akito the Exiled. Sigh....
Il y a 5 ans
I can not believe these are not added yet!

ITEM #139570
ITEM #139558
Il y a 5 ans
Listed all my Code Geass figures on eBay due to financial difficulties
Il y a 5 ans
Buy this figures is a fake ¿

Zero s1050.photobuck...

C.c s1050.photobuck...
Il y a 5 ans
eass . I would like to buy Trusted Shops figures,Unfortunately I have a few false figures u.u, In this wonderful page i Watch a few pages as Japan best and Otaku republic .. I liked pretty , They look good ? or recommend me other ? Thx
Il y a 5 ans
What Code Geass figures would scale well with Figma Lelouch and Suzaku? I want to get these two figures but I also want some characters to display with them (Kallen, C.C., etc). Anybody have any suggestions or pics of their own figures?
Il y a 6 ans
Don't know if I'm allowed to do this, if I'm not, mod can just remove this post, and I apologize in advance for any breaches committed.

Anyways, I'll be heading overseas for studies very soon and I've got a few Code Geass figures that I need to find new homes for. They are:
ITEM #197
ITEM #25269
ITEM #25132
ITEM #198
ITEM #4258
ITEM #4257

If anyone's keen, please drop me a PM, thanks! :)
Il y a 6 ans
Wouldn't it be awesome to have a Julius Kingsley figure??
Il y a 6 ans
Il y a 7 ans
RockGodItachiIl y a 7 ans#1421022Can't wait to see Nunnally In Wonderland! Got the figures already! :D

It's not that great in my opinion.
Il y a 7 ans