R.O.D clubR.O.D clubA club for all things R.O.D, both the OVA and TV series ^_^

R.O.D has an amazing OVA, and an amazing TV series....so...Let's make a club :3

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0Il y a 6 ansFgrClctnFgrClctn
I agree with the statement that the series is under appreciated. I've not yet finished the anime, but I'll catch up on it soon. I like how the three main characters came to be together. Nenene's house with all the books reminds me that we have boxes of books still to unpack, and we have to buy more bookshelves. Each of the characters have charm, but I like Anita as the intelligent glue that keeps them together. I'm also fond of Maggie as a devouring reader who holes herself up so as not to be disturbed.
0Il y a 6 ansdn86dn86
R.O.D in general is AMAZING....Not much else to say but that. Hahaha
0Il y a 7 ansMerleaweMerleawe
Oh..well, R.O.D is very under appreciated soooo, just say what you like about it ^_^

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