XBOXXBOXFor people who love xbox, xbox 360 and xbox one

Hello, this club is for all the users of Tsuki-board who love to play xbox and xbox live. Feel free to join and don't forget to post your gamertag in the forums.

Also please be sure to read our rules and guidelines so that everyone can have a more enjoyable experience.

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0Il y a 1 anAshiyaAshiya
sorry club, I ended up getting the ps4 as my first new gen.... I intend to get a xbone one day when they release a better looking / smaller revision (and when I have money again) for some exclusives. Still have a lot of 360 games to finish though, and I ordered Deus Ex HR Director's Cut for it cause I only had the normal version.
0Il y a 2 ansFreezerBurnFreezerBurn
So, any other Spartans here?

Xbox Live gamer tag: Freezer Burn

Been playing Halo since CE

<3 Halo
0Il y a 2 ansZukin-ManZukin-Man
Same. I bought Borderlands Pre-Sequel and the Season Pass for 360 but never started on it. Fast-forward a while, and now the Handsome Collection comes out with both BL2 and Pre-Sequel and all the DLC.
1Il y a 2 ansWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I haven't been excited for any new games lately :\. What's even coming out anymore?
1Il y a 2 ansZukin-ManZukin-Man
Who else is revved for Mortal Kombat X tomorrow?
1Il y a 2 ansZukin-ManZukin-Man
Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires just came out.

So Goddamn hype.
1Il y a 2 ansZukin-ManZukin-Man
Very minor update: Un-stickied some of the less important, less active stickies in the forum.

XBOX and Bing Rewards Program: Don't even really know that this still is a thing, but we don't seem to be updating it in any case.

The new "XBOX ONE"! Discuss!: It's really not new, and really not worth discussing.

Community play dates: Because let's face it, we're all antisocial as hell.
0Il y a 2 ansAshiyaAshiya
WindsorSeven (Il y a 2 ans) #2591283You're not alone, I've done that as well orz. In my experience the Xbox was fine, so hopefully yours is too!
Hahah thanks, I feel less silly xD yeah I hope! I think it'll be fixed tomorrow, I just hope it works when I connect it and turn it on! (the tension -.-)
0Il y a 2 ans (Il y a 2 ans)shinigamilyzesshinigamilyzes
It's good you are finishing the games. I never finish games anymore I always just drop whatever I'm playing when a new game comes out and never go back to it. It's such a bad habit
0Il y a 2 ansWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Ashiya (Il y a 2 ans) #2590169 But I was stupid enough to burn the AC adapter for my xbox ^^''''''''''' '
You're not alone, I've done that as well orz. In my experience the Xbox was fine, so hopefully yours is too!

They're pretty cheap now, so I'm thinking of buying one this summer. How much did you get yours for? also what does your skin look like

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