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  • Hey all, just wondering if any has an extra spear and the alternate arm to hold it for this Madoka Magica Kyouko scale, ITEM #97172.
    Il y a 23 jours
    Not entirely sure how getting spare parts on this site works (new here) but my Hatsune Miku Sakura 2020 ver. figure (Item #886807) has a crack in the base by her left foot. Anyone know where I could get a replacement base?
    Il y a 1 mois
    I’ve been looking for these hair pieces to finish a custom nendoroid for nearly a year now. I’m looking for either Item #331511’s hair or Item #720973’s hair. I don’t even mind if they’re a little scratched or paint is missing, since I plan on painting it. I just don’t want to have to buy the entire nendoroid just for the hair piece. If you’re interested, please dm me!
    Il y a 1 mois
    if anyone has the tsumugi kotobuki 5th anniversary figure's straight arm, im looking for it! I only have the bent arm.
    Il y a 1 mois
    If anyone has a spare leaf part for the Fight Club Mako nendoroid (Item #287743) please please please message me, I need a replacement for my husband.
    Il y a 1 mois
    if someone has a spare part for Neptune's Item #166975 shoulder armor, the little plastic joints, sticks, no idea what they're called, that are really fragile and hard to put on, please DM. I broke one of them.
    Il y a 1 mois
    RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
    If anyone happens to have a spare hair stick for ITEM #5443 that they don't need, please shoot me a PM!
    Il y a 2 mois
    I am aware this is a super long shot; my Joker from Persona 5 figure (Koto) has lost the mask he's holding in his hand.

    Koto itself has been really rude when it came to simply asking about a spare part; does someone have an extra mask / knows how to make one?
    Il y a 2 mois
    Hi! Looking for a replacement tongue for the BellFine Tsu figure.

    ITEM #728446

    If anyone would be willing to part with it, it would mean the world! Thanks!
    Il y a 2 mois
    Hello ^^
    Would anyone be splitting/or plan on splitting xiu?

    I’m looking for jersey and headphones if so
    >~< pls pm me if you have either parts

    ITEM #689355
    Il y a 2 mois
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