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0Il y a 4 ansDaipyonDaipyon Erina is my waifu!
I only have my Sonico item #117170 as a tanned figure =D
0Il y a 5 ans (Il y a 5 ans)leitanleitan can (not) advance
to be fair (ha ha) i didn't know this club existed... and the japanese may be obsessed with tanlines, but characters with pale skin seem to be much more successful as mainstream figures (possibly due to the asian beauty mythos of tan skin being associated with poverty and pale skin being associated with wealth?). notice that tanlines are always seen in "fetish" figures because they're kind of "taboo"...

edit - and someone with the power should add this figure: item #32087

...which basically proves my point. there is also a "non-tan" version.
0Il y a 6 ansSahaSaha
item #73096
add this ;)
1Il y a 6 ansSahaSaha
Only 7members for tanlines?!? Is there any others club for this or what?
0Il y a 6 ansmikamika
DimitryI love tan lines! :3
Me too :P
0Il y a 6 ansDimitryDimitry
I love tan lines! :3

Tan Line


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