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0Il y a 8 moisMieziMiezi
Sakamoto-san and Hakase my favourite Characters!
I love the Scene with the Super Glue xDD
0Il y a 5 anseviljackspicereviljackspicer
I really, REALLY hope that this anime gets picked up.
0Il y a 5 anstwo_handtwo_hand
ditto XD

Nayachi (Il y a 5 ans) #918839I want Yukko and Mai nendo .__.
0Il y a 5 ansZukin-ManZukin-Man
No complaints here, Nano was awesome. I even bought that blue OBK shirt she wore in the series from FAKKU!
0Il y a 5 ans (Il y a 5 ans)MuppizMuppiz
Is it just me, or is Nano getting all the figures first? I mean, there's already a nendoroid, petanko and sega figure... (it'sprobablybecauseshe'sawesomejhjgjhghhj)
0Il y a 5 ansMuppizMuppiz
Nayachi (Il y a 5 ans) #918839I want Yukko and Mai nendo .__.
What about Mio? XD
0Il y a 5 ansNayachiNayachi
I want Yukko and Mai nendo .__.
0Il y a 5 ansHenu-kunHenu-kun
nano nendoroid ordered 8D <3 can't wait when hakase comes <3
0Il y a 5 ansKazeNoBlastKazeNoBlast
Can't stop watching part 65 from episode 16 X^D
0Il y a 5 ansMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Thanks for the invite, Hakase is the cutest <3

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