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Hyung-Tae Kim (born February, 1978, Seoul) is a Korean artist.

Kim is an artist in the manhwa style. His latest artworks use a deformation technique where Kim disregards anatomical accuracy to achieve a specific feel to the character.

http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_588212992113MCTOBAzel1.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_379166HyungTaekim2.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_758718459430MCTOBLehas1.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_299167HyungTaekim3.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_622188HyungTaekim1.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_256560936830MCTOBAsad1.jpg
He has designed characters for video games such as the Magna Carta series and the later installments of the War of Genesis series (War of Genesis: Tempest, War of Genesis III and War of Genesis III: Part 2).
In 2009, Kim also designed characters of SoftMax's Magna Carta 2.

http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_379930HyungTaekim5.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_503657mc2zephie.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_815928mc2crocellreeden.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_598317mc2elga.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_796653mc2celestinroaa.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_427151mc2rue.jpg
Kim began his video games career working in the field of background music, then shifted to art and design. He has branched out into the comic book industry, serving as a guest cover artist, and has contributed to the Udon street fighter series.

http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_147734bslynmale3.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_457679bslynmale4.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_176009bslyndesign1.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_262106bslyndesign6.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_628184bslynmale5.jpg
Kim is currently working on an MMORPG named Blade & Soul in NCsoft. Blade & Soul is an Asian martial arts fantasy with cultural influences mainly from the Korean culture. Though it was said that he would not be an artwork illustrator but an art director, Kim appears to also handle illustrations as all artwork released for the game up to now has been by him.

http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_586352HyungTaekim9.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_111966bsnamsoyooconcept.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_955865HyungTaekim12.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_815222bsmaledesign3.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_459973HyungTaekim10.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_458123HyungTaekim6.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_593541bsmaledesign5.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_738556bsfemaledesign15.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_650320HyungTaekim8.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_869399bsfemaledesign9.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_915092bsmaledesign2.jpg http://img11.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_540143bsfemaledesign8.jpg
Books containing Tae-Hyung Kim's illustrations
- Comickers Art Style Vol. 1: Color Technique
- OXIDE 2: Carta Numinous: Kim Hyung Tae: The Second Works
- OXIDE 2x: Kim Hyung-Tae Illustrations
- Act III: Scene 8
- Io: Art of the Wired
- Ragnarok Online Official Fan Book
- Range Murata's Robot Vol. 05
- Japanese Comickers 2: Draw Manga and Anime Like Japan's Hottest Artists
- KOREAN illustration
- APPLE Vol. 1

Sources : en.wikipedia.or...

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Bought Oxide 2x on Mandarake recently. I've always been a fan of Hyung Tae Kim's art. Super happy to own this book. I've played all the War of Genesis games when I was younger.
Il y a 2 ans
Most people may already know this but Blade & Soul is now released for NA and EU (Eng, Fr, Ger). This is a fully translated official localization, and free to play.

The art is a MAJOR drawing point for me. Mr. Kim's work is amazing. And the game is excellent as well.
Il y a 3 ans
I haven't been very active on the site lately, but I am a big fan of HTK's style; I appreciate the invite!
Il y a 5 ans
OMG I just now realized I had a invite to this club!!! I'm so retarded T^T
Anyway thank you so much for the invite XD I love Hyung Tae Kim's art
Il y a 5 ans
Thanks for inviting me, Oxide 2 is one of my favourite artbooks ;)
Il y a 6 ans
Thanks for the invite. :3 I'm his fan since I played Magna Carta. <3
Il y a 6 ans
Thanks for the invite. I really like this guy's illustrations since "War of Genesis III"
Good stuff..
Il y a 6 ans
blueboy an enigma, now & forever
thx for the invite
Il y a 6 ans
Ahyesyesyes! I know their stuff from Blade and Soul! Love! Thank you for the invite! :D
Il y a 6 ans
Thank you Kim, to invite me to join the club. You are 10!Great work! :D
Il y a 6 ans
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