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0Il y a 9 ansTrishlerTrishler
Hi!! I love GSC because they release high quality figures ^^
0Il y a 9 ansDestyDesty
GSC is with Alter my Favorite Figure Maker ^^
0Il y a 9 ansnoelhoinoelhoi
Indeed, GSC is one of the best manufacturer, price-wise and quality-wise. I'm addicted to their nendo works. GW on making this group cas :)
0Il y a 9 ansCasberryCasberry Want some?
Thanks for joining =)
I hope it's ok for you, when i put really all in from GoodSmile ^^
It is so much, but i think it can't be helped and i said earlier, that here is all from GSC. ^^
0Il y a 9 anscielciel
I love what GSC works. I'm totally crazy about their nendoroids!
0Il y a 9 ansjintoojintoo Where is my mind?
Good idea ! I join the group 'cause I find that GSC makes very nice figures and the prices are not so high like Alter or Griffon.
Besides I'm found of Shuraki's figures =)
0Il y a 9 ansCasberryCasberry Want some?
Hello and welcome here at the Fan Group for any and every Good Smile Work.
Here you can find everything from the GoodSmile Company, this means besides the normal Figures also the Nendoroid figures and even the Petit Ones and all other Works.

I founded this Group, because i love GSC and i was missing a Group for it, so i decided to found a group by myself ^^

Whatever it is, please ask me anything and also feel freely to make this place more comfortable.

And also please feel freely to enjoy it. :-)

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