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0Il y a 7 ansneko8124neko8124
have you guys seen the GSC cafe on So many Figures
0Il y a 7 ansDavid_McnabDavid_Mcnab
For sure for me the biggest thing is the Hirasawa Ui Nendoroid! Can't wait until they announce her! I hope I can get a copy! Or ten! ^_^
0Il y a 7 ansfransis90fransis90
Hail Nendoroids !!!
0Il y a 7 ansJackyanimalJackyanimal
more nendoroids please ^^
0Il y a 7 ansY10NRDYY10NRDY
There can be only one figure company.
0Il y a 7 anslu-klu-k
How comes I did not join this club in the first place?
Definitely a fan of their figures ^^
0Il y a 7 ansDistantAvalonDistantAvalon
I love GSC's quality but I hate their delays. Makes it hard to plan budgets etc..
0Il y a 7 ansFabriceFabrice
Wonfes 2010 Summer Highlights Part 1 coverage =)
SO MANY NEW figures!!
for sure im going to get the bakemonogatari PVC's from GSC and the figma's =D
you can check out here if you want =)
[ext link ]
0Il y a 7 ansMatteasMatteas
It was really hard to choose only 5 of those 100 photos but in the end I somehow managed to pick 5 of them.

Good luck to all participants!
0Il y a 7 ansShiddoShiddo 一匹狼
Totally forgot to enter back then ^^; Wanted to try when I heared they doing this again. Oh well maybe next year ^^;

Anyway! Good luck to all members from MFC that got into top 100! ^^
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 7 ans)keychainkeychain
Seeing some members from here in the top 100 in the photocon ^^! Good luck to all of you, good stuff!
0Il y a 7 ansMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Dang, look at that iPad LOL...some nice prizes this time around =w=
0Il y a 7 anspsichpsich
For the upcoming Summer WonFes, GSC is going to have a photo contest similar to the one for the previous WonFes. [ext link ]

Grand-prix - BRS iPad

Gold - BRS PSP

Silver - BRS narikiri set (comes with hoodie, eye flame and Rock Cannon)

Top 100 will get a photobook (of the entries I'm assuming)

Every participant will get a special di:stage cover skin. Looks like a BRS version.
0Il y a 7 ansotakumitsukaiotakumitsukai
For those of you interested, Nendoroid: Lyrical Nanoha - Fate Testarossa The Movie 1st Ver. Action Figure has been released in the U.S. [ext link ] As well as Nendoroid: Vocaloid - Luka Megurine Figure [ext link ] and last but not least Nendoroid Petit: Vocaloid Series 1 Trading Figure [ext link ]
0Il y a 7 ansotakumitsukaiotakumitsukai
Heya everyone! ^_^ How rude of me, I never introduced myself. My name is Aron, I'm Female, 29 years old and live in Charlotte, NC. I am an anime store owner, full time and a house wife the rest of the time. ^^ It's nice to meet you all!
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 7 ans)otakumitsukaiotakumitsukai
There has been a re-release of a few of the K-ON! Nendoroids if anyone is interested. ^_^ Yui Hirasawa [ext link ] Azusa Nakano [ext link ] Mio Akiyama [ext link ] So if you missed the first time around to get em, you can have a chance now. ^_^ But it each retailer in the United States is only limited to 6 of each Nendo due to licensing restrictions.
0Il y a 7 ansClimbatizeClimbatize MFC Android app maker
Hi fellows, if you browse internet with Google Chrome, there is a Good Smile theme made by GSC itself: [ext link ]
0Il y a 7 ansotakumitsukaiotakumitsukai
alamarcoI've always loved GSC figures. Always thought they were awesome quality. Now I think I'm starting to get interested, and maybe addicted, to their nendoroids. :) lol I hear ya on that! I'm a Nendo addict. So far I have 4 I own and about 3-5 more on pre-order xD GSC is a very good quality. Their Figma's and Nendoroids are amazing and ultra cute! ^_^
0Il y a 7 ansotakumitsukaiotakumitsukai
For anyone interested, I have some older GSC figures listed in my store on sale. Some have been reduced up to $30 off. ^_^ [ext link ]
0Il y a 7 ansalamarcoalamarco
I've always loved GSC figures. Always thought they were awesome quality. Now I think I'm starting to get interested, and maybe addicted, to their nendoroids. :)

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