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  • I wanted to Document my ToysRUs experience today (1.30.2015):

    I arrived at TRU at 9:52AM. My location opened up at 10AM. I had arrived on a day I had to be at school by 11AM. After I park, I look around to see if anyone is here as well. I see some individuals in their car's. I also see some people walking into the entrance of TRU. most of the people at the entrance were families, so I was assuming it was for last minute shopping before an event. I get antsy waiting in my car. I wait to see if more people wait in the entry way. I see another family, a blonde woman, and a short 20-ish year old man walk into the entrance. I push myself to go. I didn't want to risk this man to be the one potential scalper that would take my opportunity away. I walked, fast paced, into the TRU. A line has now formed of about 8 people made of families and people. I get nervous. I was curious if everyone was here for the same thing. I wrote off the families as non-amiibo buyers. As the door opens at 9:59AM, I could tell, now, that everyone was here for the same thing. I felt the rush. The time going slow, yet rushed. As the store associate said "okay," and let the line in, every was walking fast, real fast. One for all and all for one. I confirmed, Amiibo's are the real, serious business. Anything goes! I was walking fast, and then I found myself run-walking, then fast walking, then running, and running, and fast walking again. I couldn't decide. I was too self-conscious. The electronics/gaming was in the back of this TRU. It was an adrenaline run. Since the store had just opened, I already assumed the Amiibo Lucario was not in stock right away. I just knew either it was not stocked or it was being held at the electronics check. I don't go to the Amiibo section right away, stopping between going to the isle with Amiibo's and staring at the male cashier of electronics behind the register. I could tell there were no Amiibo Lucario in the Amiibo section but instead the male cashier had them. I walk towards him. 1 family and 1 girl were already in front of me. More people got behind me forming a line which was even longer than the one at the entrance. About 20 people were there, but there was no way he had 20 of them. He pulled out the small box which only revealed 4 Lucario's.

    In short, I got the 1 of 4 Lucario's being the third customer in line. They seem to have some Toon Link as well and many Bowser I did not see any Sheik either.

    I will report my findings for Rosalina at Target Sunday.
    I am predicting it to be worse...
    Il y a 5 ans
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