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  • stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
    Hey I see Five Star Stories! Joined! xD
    Il y a 9 ans
    Granted that I don't have anything Volks just yet.. I like what they have to offer.
    And I can't say enough about Dollfie!They are amazing!I was smitten by them when I saw one one display a few years ago. I think I have almost all of them in my wanted and wished section.
    Il y a 9 ans
    Strife212Ain't it sad, Volks :( Some people are too busy with their own stuff, don't get that sad. I'm sure many people like Volk's creations but they don't need to prove that to anyone, right?
    Il y a 9 ans
    Strife212 Original Blue
    Ain't it sad, Volks :(
    Il y a 9 ans
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