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Chloe-tsundere (Il y a 3 ans) #2474514Is the price negotiable for shoujo M ?
Cause 300 usd for an used one is quite high (since shes 16k opened on mandarake)

Although I have them marked as "used" that is only because the boxes aren't sealed, they have not been used in any way other than a visual inspection. never put on display or handled beyond the isnpection. the posts on Mandarake are as follows:

"*all items are second hand and sold “AS IS” condition
please expect minor stain/damage on both package and contents
*no responsibility will be taken for manufacturer defects

*image(s) are for reference only
*storefront item(s) may be out of stock without prior notice

*shipping overseas might cause damage
order at your own risk "

My figures are in no way stained or damaged, and the "order at your own risk" comment isn't very comforting for some buyers, the images used for the post has a red box with the letter S, as opposed to mine being the black box with the letter M.

As far as the price is concerned, it does not have the shipping and insurance calculated to get there items over to the U.S. so the 16K Yen isn't an accurate price. If you live in Japan the price is much lower than my post, but for those living in the U.S. i think my price is very reasonable( I remind you I have a "or best offer" listed in my posting)

Thank you for viewing my posts. I hope this answered all your Questions

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