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One Piece - Blueno - World Collectable Figure TV193 - One Piece World Collectable Figure vol.24 (Banpresto)One Piece - Blueno - Chess Piece Collection R One Piece Vol.4 - One Piece - Blueno  - Chess Piece Collection R (MegaHouse)One Piece - Blueno - OP Anime Heroes #5 - Enies Lobby! Final Battle with CP9! (Popy)One Piece - Blueno - One Piece Figure Collection Fierce Fighting! CP9 (FC6) (Bandai)

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Blueno was the bartender of a bar in Water Seven before he was revealed to be an assassin of CP9.

While the entire Water 7 CP9 unit gives the first expression of emotionless justice-devoted killing machines, Blueno is the only one to maintain such a façade. While the others- Kaku, Lucci, Kalifa, Jyabura, Fukurou, and Kumadori- are shown taking pleasure in fighting, toying with their opponents and so on, Blueno remains calm and collected nearly all the time. As a result, Blueno comes to symbolize the cynical, evil actions of the World Government - namely using Nico Robin, blackmailing her through traumas inflicted by the World Government in the first place.

Blueno ate the Doa Doa no Mi, which allows him to create doors on any surface. He has even created "air doors", doors in the air itself, which lead to what seems to be another dimension. Blueno is also able to create doors on people.

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