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Berserk - Daiba (Art of War)

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Daiba is chief among the sorcerers under Emperor Ganishka, and probably the very one responsible for his monarch's descent to darkness as an Apostle. A thin old man dressed as an Indian fakir, he was once a nameless ascetic who gave a Behelit to Ganishka, probably in full knowledge of the artifact's powers, wishing for a powerful kingdom ruled by magic. He challenged Guts' group by conjuring a storm and summoning monstrous beasts from the seas, but even through his greatest sorceries, which included summoning tornadoes and a gigantic water spirit, he was defeated by the combined efforts of Guts and Shierke. He was the one responsible of creating the horrific organic device that granted the Kushans an endless stream of monsters and other bizarre creatures for their army. He is last seen riding atop a pterodactyl-like creature (one of Kushan's many artificially-created beasts) during Ganishka's attempt to ascend into godhood, but his status is unknown, though given his potent magical abilities, it is likely he is still alive despite the world's descent into fantastic chaos.

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