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Hokuto no Ken - Heart - Mini Figure (Kaiyodo 7-Eleven)Hokuto no Ken - Heart - Hokuto no Ken Figure Collection (Kaiyodo)

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Heart is one of the Four Chief Vassals of the King organization led by Shin, along with Spade, Diamond, and Club. A large fat man, Heart's stomach was composed of a rubber-like substance which absorbs the impact of most martial art techniques, earning him the nickname The Destroyer of Fists (拳法殺し). While normally calm and more merciful than his fellow Kingsmen, his personality changes to that of a homicidal maniac at the sight of his own blood, such as when he murdered several of his own men and a bartender after pricking his hand on a shard of broken glass.

Heart fought Kenshirō within Shin's palace at Southern Cross as the last of the Four Lieutenants. Heart would normally be immune to the effects of Hokuto Shin Ken, but Ken used the Hokuto Jūha Zan to penetrate Heart's flesh and destroy his body. His famous death cry was "Hidebu!"

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