Itsuki Shuu
Itsuki Shuu
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斎宮 宗


Ensemble Stars! - Itsuki Shuu - Koedarize - Koedarize Ensemble Stars! Vol.4 (Takara Tomy)Ensemble Stars! - Itsuki Shuu - Ensemble Stars!! Puppet Mascot!! Vol.3 - Puppet Mascot!! (Ensky)

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The leader of the Unit "Valkyrie", that Nazuna was a member of until last year. One of the original five oddballs. He and Mika have continued with their activities since Nazuna left, but less frequently. As the captain of the handicraft club, he has dexterous and skillful fingers, and made the uniforms of their unit by himself.

He is an arrogant person who wants everything to go his way. Despite this, he does not like places with many people and is not very good at facing the crowds under lives.
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