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Tom Nook (たぬきち) owns the town shop. After the player buys or sells certain amounts of money in his shop he will expand his shop, after which a larger range of items will be available to the player each day. After the final expansion, Nookington's department store, if playing Wild World, he will employ Harriet, who runs the hair salon, Shampoodle, and Timmy and Tommy, his nephews, in every Animal Crossing series game, who work on the second floor. His birthday is believed to be on July 28th. Although he appears to be a raccoon, he is actually a tanuki. He is referred to as a raccoon in the U.S. version and a tanuki in the Japanese version.

After the player moves in, Tom Nook takes the player under his wing and has the player work at his shop to pay off their debt.

Tom is very money-driven, and many years ago left behind his friends, most importantly Sable, to travel to the big city. Here he has dreams of success which are quickly broken by the harsh life there. After making nothing of himself, he returns to the player's town to set up his store. Nook no longer appears to be friends with Sable, though the two often mention each other to the player.

Nook seems to have a varied reputation amongst the villagers, with some speculating that he is, in fact, a man in a suit. His large, bushy tail seems popular amongst lazy people. Many will say that he has a checkered past, hinting at illicit activities. He is openly derided by Redd as a "raccoon in an apron." His picture quote is "I'll be there with bells on! Ho ho!"

Source: Animal Crossing Wiki, animalcrossing....
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