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Usami IchikaUsami Ichika

Usami Ichika
Usami Ichika
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宇佐美 いちか


Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode - Usami Ichika - Cure Whip - PreCoorde Doll (Bandai)Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode - Arisugawa Himari - Kenjou Akira - Kotozume Yukari - Tategami Aoi - Usami Ichika - Bandai Shokugan - Candy Toy - Precure to Happy Life Cooking Kitchen - 1 - Kitchen (Bandai)

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Ino Marie - Miyama Karen - Nostalgic Orchestra - Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode - Cure Whip - Usami Ichika - Character CD - Character Song - Single - Sweet Etude 1 Cure Whip (Marvelous Inc., Sony Music Distribution)Ripo Day - Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode - Usami Ichika - Kotozume Yukari - Doujinshi - Comics - Karakai Jouzu Yukari-san (Oronamin-Day)

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Usami Ichika (宇佐美いちか) is a cheerful second year middle school student who loves sweets. When she gets excited or happy, she jumps around like a "rabbit". Despite failing all the time, Ichika still has confidence in sweet decorating. She has a skill for being able to make animal sweets. As Cure Whip (キュアホイップ), she is based off shortcakes and rabbits.
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