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Sticky FingersSticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers
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Sticky Fingers (スティッキィ・フィンガーズ) is a stand ability featured in Part V: Vento Aureo. Its user is Blono Buccellati and it named after the Rolling Stones album, Sticky Fingers.

'Zipping in and Out: Sticky Fingers main ability to turn anything it touches to open with a zipper. For example, Sticky Fingers can hit a wall and open it up and walk through it then zip it up again. This also allow him to separate enemies into multiple pieces and even perform a cutting attack by detaching something and then canceling the zipper. The space inside the zipper of walls and people is extremely large, allowing him to create special hiding spots that only he can access.

Blono's trademark line is delivered while beating his opponents senseless with his fists. He begins stringing "Ari, Ari, Ari" to his rapid punches and finishes with "Arrivederci" - "goodbye" in Italian - during his finishing blow.

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