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Kyuin is the boss of the SMILE Factory on Dressrosa.
Kyuin is a very large woman with twintails that wears a coat and a dress with the word "SMILE", moreover she wears a luchador mask covering most of her head and face—a feature common amongst Donquixote Pirates subordinates. On her right upper forearm is a tattoo of the kanji for the word "Factory" (工場 Kōjō?). Kyuin is confident of her own powers, believing herself to be the top within the factory. She can be infuriated when injured, and will use her authority to judge and execute anyone within the factory who strikes her displeasure, as when Franky used a suplex move on her to smash against Senor Pink, she threatened him viciously. However, once Franky kissed her to silence her rambling, she showed a more reserved and shy side.
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