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Angel of Light
Komyou no Tenshi


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Queen's Blade - Nanael - Koumyou no Tenshi Nanael (Hobby Japan)Queen's Blade Rurou no Senshi - Nanael - Character Song + Short Drama ~ Nanael Ver. (Media Factory)Aratamaru - Queen's Blade - Nanael - Risty - Doujinshi - NightHead QB (Circle Taihei-Tengoku)Shinozuka George - Queen's Blade - Nanael - Doujinshi - Comics - Pour Me Milk! (Jouji Mujoh)

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An angel who descended to Earth with duty of "broadcasting" Queen's Blade fights. Because of her goofy actions, Head Angel put her on probation and exiled to the mortal world. She was given a vial of 'holy milk' twice by the Head Angel, which she must not allow even one drop to be spilled. First time served a test which, in which she spilled of it and tried to fool Head Angel by filling the vial with Earthly milk. Second vial was given to her when she was ordered to enter Queen's Blade tournament, but this time, the more she spills, the weaker she becomes. Since she completely failed to keep the milk safe last time, Head Angel is confident that this will serve as a handicap! Unwilling to treat dwellers of the "lower world" as equals, her combat technique involves the telekinetic manipulation of her celestial saber to keep opponents at bay. She is illustrated by Kuuchuu Yousai.
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