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Anti-Gnosis Humanoid Fighting System #00-00-00-00-1
KOSMOS Obey Strategic Multiple Operation Systems


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KOS-MOS (abbreviation for Kosmos Obey Strategic Multiple Operation Systems), developed by Kevin Winnicot, KOS-MOS was designed to be the premier Anti-Gnosis weapon. During a rather tragic incident, where KOS-MOS awakened prematurely, she killed Kevin and most of the development team. Shion Uzuki was one of the only survivors at the incident. With Kevin dead, Shion was promoted to Chief Engineer of the KOS-MOS Project General Operation System research Centre, Vector Industries R&D Division.

KOS-MOS continued to be outfitted and tested, but the core remained the same as in the archetype. This lead to the division spending a great deal of time collecting data to determine what was in her black box.

When Planet Ariadne vanished, the Woglinde was sent by Vector to investigate. As a precaution against Gnosis attack, the KOS-MOS project was taken as well. Though not fully combat ready, KOS-MOS self-started to protect Shion when the Gnosis attacked. During the travels that followed, KOS-MOS' combat capabilities were fully realized.

Some noticed that at times KOS-MOS' eyes turned blue and she spoke very differently. On these occasions, her power level became much greater, but they never lasted long. The one person most experienced with KOS-MOS, Shion, has yet to see this transformation.

KOS-MOS' actions are dictated by logic and a list of directives. She follows these with precision and lethality (as was seen when she killed Lt. Virgil when he would have lowered her abilities). Some of her directives are a mystery, even to Shion.

An almost human alternate persona tends to come out from time to time in the form of a blue-eyed KOS-MOS. This blue-eyed KOS-MOS is far more powerful than red-eyed KOS-MOS and talks in a more human-sounding voice.
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