Emerada Etuva
Emerada Etuva
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Emerada Etuva is Emilia's friend and comrade from Ente Isla. She is proficient in magical chemistry.
Emerada is the highest-ranked official who serves directly under the ruler of the Holy Saint Aire Empire, the greatest nation on the Western Continent. She battled alongside Emilia and other heroes against the demon army in Ente Isla.
Emerada is calm yet cheerful and a powerful hero capable of casting powerful spells. She is observant of her surroundings such as she did not attack Maou at their first meeting and cares for Emi deeply. Her manner of speaking is rather spaced out and laid back as she often trails her words.
She has a small figure and a child-like face, and her eyes often appear half-asleep. She seems to wear a cape and Magician outfit of Ente Isla and a hat. She has short green-blue, almost shoulder-length hair which curls at the bottom and her eyes are of the same color.
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