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Going MerryGoing Merry

Going Merry
Going Merry
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Merry Go


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The Going Merry is the first ship of the Straw Hat Pirates that they used as their main mode of transportation. It is a caravel class ship designed by Merry and given by Kaya to the Straw Hats as a reward for saving her. Over time, the ship came to be loved by the crew as a home and as a friend, so much so that it literally took on a life of its own and became just as much a part of the crew as any of them.

The Going Merry has a jib and a central steer rudder. The ship's armament consisted of four cannons, one in the bow pointing forward, 2 near the stern pointing to either side, and one that was occasionally seen on deck at the stern - although they were rarely used, the Straw Hat Pirates usually preferring to run away or engage in hand to hand combat. After the Arlong arc, the Going Merry gained three tangerine trees from Bellemere's farm, a memento of Nami's home.

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