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Thousand SunnyThousand Sunny

Thousand Sunny
Thousand Sunny
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The Thousand Sunny is the second ship of the Straw Hat Pirates that they are now using as their main mode of transportation after the Going Merry was lost. It is a Brig Sloop type ship designed and built by Franky with a little help from Yokuzuna, Iceburg, and the remaining Galley-La foremen. Built from Adam Wood, it is a magnificent ship that is at least double the size of the Going Merry. It contains the various requests the Straw Hats wanted before arriving in Water 7 and much more.

The Thousand Sunny is a Brig Sloop, which relies on the skills of its navigator. The ship has a lawn on it's deck, complete with a swing and a slide, as well as an observation tower for a crow's nest. The masts are huge, and help make the ship extremely maneuverable. The figurehead, like the one on the Going Merry, is an animal's head specifically a lion's with its mane in the shape of a flower's petals.

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