Sakurazaki SetsunaSakurazaki Setsuna

Sakurazaki Setsuna
Sakurazaki Setsuna
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桜咲 刹那


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Setsuna Sakurazaki is student fifteen in the class. She is a half-demon thrown out of her tribe due to her pure-white wings, which were considered to be a bad omen as she was born into the bird tribe of demons. She is later taken in by Eishun Konoe. She is also a Shinmeiryuu swordsman, similar to Motoko Aoyama from Akamatsu's previous work, Love Hina. She becomes very close to his daughter, Konoka, who she promises to protect. After being unable to save Konoka from almost drowning as a young child, she distances herself personally, while still protecting her. She generally refers to Konoka as "Ojō-sama," a deferential term used for the daughter of an important figure. After joining with Negi's group to stop Chigusa's plan in Kyoto, she resumes her personal relationship with Konoka, and learns that her friends do not care that she is a half-demon.
Setsuna is a kenjutsu expert of the Kyoto Shinmei-ryū (京都 神鳴流, literally "God's-Cry School") of fighting. She wields a nodachi passed down to her from Eishun Konoe named "Yūnagi" (夕凪, literally "evening calm"). She is able to sprout a pair of pure white wings from her back, which are proof of her bird tribe heritage. Evangeline has implied that Setsuna dyes her hair and wears colored contacts, and Negi himself has observed that Setsuna has a very pale complexion, which could mean that her white wings are a result of albinism. Besides her fighting skills, Setsuna also has some ability to manipulate magic, such as using paper dolls to create doppelgangers of other people, and creating a miniature version of herself, so that she can be in two places at once. She forms a pactio with Negi, which takes the form of the artifact, Sica Shishikushiro. It allows her to create up to sixteen independent wakizashi that can be manipulated with her mind. She later forms a pactio with Konoka, after much hesitation, that grants her a new card. The resulting artifact is named "Tsurugi no Kami: Takemikazuchi" (named after one of the patron deities of martial arts, Takemikazuchi-no-Mikoto, also a war god; the one who rode a deer into the city of Nara), a sword that grows larger and more powerful as Konoka infuses Setsuna with more of her magical power.

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