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Final Fantasy VII InternationalFinal Fantasy VII International

Final Fantasy VII International
Final Fantasy VII International
Nom original
ファイナルファンタジーVII インターナショナル
Alias ou pseudonyme
FFVII International
FF7 International


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Final Fantasy VII International - Memorial Album (DigiCube Square)Final Fantasy VII International - Final Fantasy VII - Guide Book - Complete Dissection - Revised Edition (Famitsu)

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A Japanese reissue of Final Fantasy VII that included all of the new stuff added for the international (North American, European, etc.) releases, such as the Emerald and Ruby WEAPON battles, as well as a fourth disk with image galleries and other bonus content.

This is the version of FFVII that has been re-released in Japan ever since (such as in the Advent Pieces box set, and on the Japanese PlayStation Network store).
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