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Dragon RangerDragon Ranger

Dragon Ranger
Dragon Ranger
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Warrior of Strength


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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - Dragon Ranger - Ranger Key Series - Gokai Spear (Bandai)


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He is Geki's biological older brother, whom he was separated from when Geki was still an infant. He was kept in a separate sleep chamber from the rest of the Zyurangers and was the last to be awakened during the present day. He first appeared in Episode 17 and initially holds Geki in contempt for being raised by their father's enemy, the King of the Yamato Tribe. After several episodes in which he antagonizes the Zyurangers alongside Bandora's forces, Burai reconciles with his brother and becomes a member of the team in Episode 22. However, Burai finds out that he is literally living on borrowed time and the only way to preserve his limited lifespan is by staying inside a lapseless room, preventing him from fully helping out his brother. Eventually, Burai's lapseless room is destroyed by Bandora and he dies after helping his brother in Episode 42. In Episode 49, Burai's spirit guides the Zyurangers for their final battle against Bandora's forces. As the Dragon Ranger, Burai wears a golden vest with a pair of armlets known as the Dragon Armor. He summons his Guardian Beast by playing the Zyusouken as a flute. After his death, both of these items are inherited by his brother Geki.

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