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Natori ShuuichiNatori Shuuichi

Natori Shuuichi
Natori Shuuichi
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名取 周一


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Age: 23
Birthday: November 12
Height: 175cm
Blood Type: A

A man who is also able to see spirits. He is a famous actor and exorcist and has a lizard birthmark that moves around on his body. He has the ability to manipulate paper dolls and has three youkai under his command. Natsume tends to disapprove of his forceful exorcism methods.


To humans, he acts very well-mannered. When crowds stare at him, he often enters into his actor mode and comic glitters and roses float around him. He is particularly attracted to Natsume because they both can see spirits. However, unlike Natsume, Natori does not wish to help spirits. He exorcises spirits tyrannically.

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