Tsumura Tokiko
Tsumura Tokiko
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Tsumura Tokiko is a 17-year-old alchemy warrior. Tokiko is very dedicated to her job, claiming that she hates all homunculi, and quit going to school in order to be more efficient. This hatred comes from the trauma she suffered as a little girl, when all the people in her school were killed or eaten by homunculi; she was the only survivor of that school, where she was rescued by Mamoru Sakimori, who would eventually become her commanding officer, Captain Bravo. The incident also left her with a horizontal scar running across the bridge of her nose and across her cheeks.

Her Buso Renkin is Kakugane XLIV, Valkyrie Skirt (ヴァルキリー・スカート). This takes the form of four scythe-like blades that attach to her thighs and are controlled via synaptic nerve impulses through her skin. She is capable of using them a number of ways, from attacking numerous enemies at once to using them to boost her jumps and cushion her landings. She has also used them to traverse difficult terrain and even skate across walls and ceilings. The name comes from how in stand-by mode the blades fold up, and in her school outfit, her skirt resembles that of a Valkyrie. Unfortunately, the weapon is ill-equipped to fight enemies of great physical power or endurance. To make up for these deficiencies, Tokiko uses strategy and agility. Furthermore, if any of her blades do break from the skirt, she can still wield them as swords.

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