Aoyagi Mitsuki
Aoyagi Mitsuki
Nom original
青柳 美月
Alias ou pseudonyme
Akiba Blue


Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger - Aoyagi Mitsuki - Deformeister Petit (Bandai)

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Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger - Aoyagi Mitsuki - Hakase Hiroyo - Marushina - Moegi Yumeria - Akiba Ranger Heroines (Ichijinsha)

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Mitsuki Aoyagi (青柳 美月 Aoyagi Mitsuki)/Akiba Blue (アキバブルー Akiba Burū):
Mitsuki is a famous 18-year-old martial artist who became an Akibaranger so she could become stronger. She is a very serious person and secretly loves Z-Cune Aoi. Unlike her teammates, Mitsuki knows little to nothing about the Super Sentai. She is very uncomfortable doing any of the things Akagi tells her to do, such as making poses or calling each other by their colors and not their actual names.
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