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Breath of Fire: Ryuu no Senshi - Diece (Chemical Reaction)

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Diece is a character within the Breath of Fire Series. She is a blue-haired sorceress with a snake-like lower torso, similar to that of a Naga, although she appears with legs in III & IV. Diece generally appears in the Breath of Fire series as the same individual, unlike Ryu and Nina.

Seemingly ageless and regardless of the wisdom from being such, Diece tends to be childish, irresponsible, somewhat of a pervert, and above all, lazy. She'll hibernate for several hundred years at a time inside a temple, guarded by spirits who stand over her. It is left ambiguous whether or not Diece is immortal, or if her hibernation process is actually a form of suspended animation. It is revealed in Breath of Fire IV that she is in fact immortal, one of the Endless. Upon reawakening, she seems to join up with the heroes on a mere whim.

In the English translations of the games, Diece is known as "Bleu" in the first two installments and "Deis" in the third and fourth. "Deis" is generally considered by fans to be the proper way to write her name in english, as it's a close (yet incorrect) romanization of ディース with the same pronunciation. However, her name is revealed to be written as "Diece" in the Official Complete Works artbook.
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