Kaiba Seto
Kaiba Seto
Nom original
海馬 瀬人
Alias ou pseudonyme
Mr. Kaiba


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Seto Kaiba
Blood type: A
Birth day: October 25
Favorite card: Blue eyes white dragon
Voice Actors: English Dub = Eric Stuart Japanese dub = Kenjiro Tsuda
Bio:left at an orphanage Seto(better known as Kaiba) looked out for his younger brother Mokuba.
Even as a young kid Kaiba was always good at a games. One day a rich business man came to the orphanage named Gozaburo Kaiba.

Wanting a better life for his brother Kaiba challenges Gozaburo to a chess game.Kaiba be with Gozaburo that that if he won the match that he would adopt them both. Kaiba won but the new life he got turned out into a living nightmare. Gozaburo was abusive and worked kaiba hard training him in business.

Kaiba is very smart and used his free time buying shares of Kaiba Corp. until he owned more than Gozaburo rather than step down Gozaburo committed suicide right in front of him. his last words to kaiba was "to lose a game is the same as death". Since then he became cold and obssed with winning.
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