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Saeki KaoriSaeki Kaori

Saeki Kaori
Saeki Kaori
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Saeki is a black magic enthusiast and has a deep fascination for the occult. During her time as a student she often reads expensive black magic textbooks in class during recess, some of which she requests from the Academy library. At school she also occasionally swims, though she might not be an official member of the Academy swim team.

She regularly reads the fortune of her classmates Ayumi Murai and Mika Ito using tarot cards, and also heads her own witchcraft club with fellow students Jun and Maki. The girls regularly meet in a rented apartment room for their magical exploits, like on the Sabbath.

She lives in a modern house not far from school, presumably with her parents. Her room is filled with magic publications and trinkets.
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