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Demonbane - Al Azif - Leica - 1/7 - Swimsuit ver. (A-Label)Demonbane - Al Azif - Leica - 1/7 - Clear Swimsuit ver. (A-Label)Demonbane - Leica - A-Brand - 1/6 (Volks)Demonbane - Leica - Moe A La Mode (Bandai)Demonbane - Leica - A-Brand - 1/6 (Volks)Demonbane - Leica - A-Brand - 1/8 (Volks)Demonbane - Leica - 1/8 - Metatron ver. (Lapis Lazuli)

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A nun at a local church, she looks after Kurou whenever he drops by for food, due to his lack of finances, although any payment he receives in his work is automatically given to her. While compassionate, Leica is oddly cunning and takes care of orphans George, Colin and Alison. Leica is secretly the henshin heroine Metatron, one of the Black Lodge's many enemies. Clad in white armor with mechanical wings, Metatron's forearms can fire energy beams or generate oversized blades for close-combat situations. Leica as Metatron does not appear in the anime.

"Metatron" is the name of an angel prevalent in medieval Jewish mystical texts and other occult sources. George is a reference to George Hay, an editor of a version of the Necronomicon, while Colin is derived from Colin Wilson, a British philosopher who wrote several stories behind the Cthulhu Mythos. Alison is named after Alison Hay, the daughter of George Hay.
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