Alien Warrior
Alien Warrior
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エイリアン ウォーリア
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The Warrior, also known as the Soldier or Hunter, is the primary assault caste of Xenomorph and as such it is almost certainly the most numerous caste of Xenomorph in existence. They are fast, reasonably tough, and savage combatants. Even in death the Warrior is dangerous, as its pressurised bloodstream will cause it to burst apart, drenching nearby enemies in acid. Warriors are identified by their ridged heads and stand around 7–8 feet tall on their hind legs. They are about 14–16 feet long, including their tail.
Warriors first appeared in Aliens, but were actually the result of a last-minute design change made by director James Cameron; the original smooth Drone headpiece was considered too fragile to stand up to the rigors of filming and so it was removed, revealing the ridged structure beneath.
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