Faris Nyannyan
Faris Nyannyan
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Akiha Rumiho


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Momoi Haruko - Steins;Gate - Faris Nyannyan - Single - Audio Series☆Laboratory Member Number 007☆ (5pb. Records)

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Faris Nyannyan (フェイリス・ニャンニャン, Feirisu Nyannyan) (Real name 秋葉 留美穂, Rumiho Akiha) works part-time at the maid cafe May Queen Nyan-nyan, the same maid cafe that Mayuri works at, and is the most popular waitress there. She is a second year in Kanaria Private Academy. Faris always adds "Nyan" or another catlike trait to her speech. She has an ability to see into people's hearts just by looking into their eyes which she calls the "Cheshire Break". She has a father complex. A long time friend of Okabe, she likes to play along with his delusions and comes up with scenarios herself.
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