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Happy is the one of the more eccentric members of Fairy Tail, and at times plays as a comic relief character. His fondness of fish is only matched by his consistent dishing out of his catchphrase "Aye!". No doubt being around Natsu Dragneel since his birth, Happy often emulates Natsu in actions and responses. They usually act as a sort of comedic double act. This is not to say he has no personality of his own as at times he is more quick witted and cheeky, especially to Lucy Heartfilia, than Natsu and can provide simple answers to complex questions. Happy can adapt to more serious situations too, showing his large knowledge of the world and magic in fights - he is regularly seen explaining things to the protagonists - and supporting Natsu or Lucy in their battles. Like all other members of Fairy Tail, he is extremely loyal to it and its members. Since the Loke arc Happy has the idea that Lucy and Loke are a cute couple.
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