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Japan Leisure Corporation
Emcom Holdings


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Moero!! Pro Soccer - Famicom Game (Jaleco, TOSE Software)J-Cup Soccer - Game Boy Game (Jaleco, TOSE Software)Vampire Hunter D - PlayStation Game (Jaleco, Victor Interactive Software INC)Moero!! Pro Yakyuu - Famicom Game (Jaleco, TOSE Software)Moe Pro! Saikyou Hen - Famicom Game (Jaleco, TOSE Software)Tetris Plus - Sega Saturn Game (Jaleco, Natsume)Moero!! Pro Yakyuu '88: Kettei Ban - Famicom Game (Jaleco, TOSE Software)Game Tengoku CruisinMix - PlayStation 4 Game - Regular Edition (Jaleco, Kadokawa Games)Moe Pro!! Yakyuu '90: Kandou Hen - Famicom Game (Jaleco, TOSE Software)Urusei Yatsura: Lum no Wedding Bell - Famicom Game (Jaleco)

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Jaleco Ltd (株式会社ジャレコ Kabushiki Kaisha Ja-Re-ko?) is a Japanese video game publisher and developer established in 2006.
The original Jaleco Ltd (now called Emcom Holdings) was founded in 1974. In 2006, it decided to become a pure holding company by renaming itself Jaleco Holding and splitting its video game operations into a newly created subsidiary that took its former name of Jaleco Ltd. In 2009, Jaleco Holding sold Jaleco Ltd to Game Yarou and subsequently changed its own name to Emcom Holdings.
As a wholly owned subsidiary of Game Yarou, Jaleco Ltd operates independently and continues to trade under the Jaleco name. Emcom Holdings is no longer involved at all in the video game business, having branched out to other markets.
Importing games,toys, and more from Japan since 2002!

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