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Nemesis T-Gata
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The Nemesis T-Type was an experimental form of intelligent Tyrant created by Umbrella Europe's Paris Lab. Its purpose was to prove that a tyrant virus-infected creature could retain most of its intelligence.

The European branch of Umbrella Pharmaceutical, Inc. originally developed the Nemesis as an offshoot of the American-led Tyrant project, with the emphasis on increasing the host's intelligence and ability to follow orders without compromising the Tyrant's inherent strength and power. The breakthrough came with the creation of the NE-α parasite. This parasite could take control of its host's brain stem and act as a second brain replacing the host's now useless original.

There were 4 Nemesis models developed by the European branch. One of them maintained the capability of independent thought during the early stages of development, and attempted to escape, but was killed. The remaining three had their intelligence "restricted" and were fitted with inhibitors to increase Umbrella's control over them - the same way Umbrella controlled its other Tyrants. The Tyrant sent to Raccoon City during the outbreak was the second model, called Nemesis-T02. It was the only model that underwent a long period of training. What ultimately became of the other two models is unknown.

Nemesis models were characterized by their relentlessness, strength, sheer stamina, and comparatively high intellect. Unlike the various Tyrant models before them, Nemesis' showed the capability to employ weaponry and firearms to achieve objectives. They were also shown to have rational thinking abilities. The T02 was able to aim at and destroy a helicopter with weapons and was able to remember who its target was. Jill Valentine was chased throughout Raccoon City due to this ability to remember faces.

Like the Tyrants before it, however, Nemesis boasted enormously powerful physiques, demonstrating their ability to break through most obstacles with enough effort, outrun any human, and leap incredible heights. They were by far one of the most resilient B.O.W. Umbrella ever created, with manned portable weaponry barely slowing it down while even heavy weaponry like explosives could only momentarily incapacitate it. Only the largest industrial grade weaponry were able to cause any notable damage. An experimental rail cannon in conjunction with many rounds from a magnum revolver were able to finally kill it.

As mutations occurred due to its campaign with Jill, T02 lost sight of its programmed order and resorted to typical Tyrant behavior; destroying anything within reach.

The model does not posses any true weakness and is even able to survive an anti-T chemical used for the processing of infected waste. T02, however, was heavily damaged, resorting to eating the remains of a fellow T-103 to reclaim its strength. This blob-like form is unlikely to be a stage of its (d)evolution, but likely a random mutation caused by the chemicals.
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