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Hatsuseno Alpha
Hatsuseno Alpha
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初瀬野 アルファ


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Ashinano Hitoshi - Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou - Hatsuseno Alpha - Takatsu Kokone - Illustration Ashinano Hitoshi Works 1994-2003 (Kodansha)

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A type A7M2 robot, one of only three production prototypes, who runs Café Alpha in the absence of her owner (whose family name is Hatsuseno). Alpha is cheerful and thoughtful. She enjoys talking with her few customers, but is initially socially awkward and sheltered—despite being her model's prototype, at the start of the series she has met only a few people and no other robots. Because of this, when her owner departed, she declined to travel with him. As the series progresses, however, she grows more confident in her social skills, enough so that she spends a year traveling herself, and becomes more attached to her human friends even as they age and depart. Alpha is not very experienced about human behavior or appearances, she uses dishwasher liquid instead of brushing her teeth and doesn't think of her eye or hair color being strange. One of her unique abilities is that she is, according to her emotions, able to induce tears in her eye moisturizers. In her spare time, Alpha plays a gekkin, carves small art objects with fish designs, and travels the local countryside on her scooter, investigating the remains of humanity's previous age and the emerging world to come. It is never made clear wherever Alpha possesses the ability to morph and fly or if the scenes depicting this are simply artistic freedom. Voiced by: Hekiru Shiina

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