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Accelerator is the most powerful Psychic in Academy City.

He later becomes a main character and the lead of the science side in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series, especially in the volumes 5, 8, 12, 13, SS1, SS2, 15 and 19 of the light novels. A sadistic boy about the same age as Tōma, he has an ability called "Redirection", a form of telekinesis. He can change the vector values of anything by touch; for example, he can kill a man by reversing the flow of blood inside his body after putting his finger inside their wound. He can greatly uplift the velocity of wind around him, creating a massive plasma storm. He has to consciously allow gravity to affect him and can block out all sound. Furthermore, this ability is automatic, so projectiles (like bullets) or explosives (like bombs) have no effect on him, as they will be redirected. It is because of his ability that he has an albino appearance (white hair and pale skin), for his body blocks all ultraviolet radiation, thereby preventing the skin from manufacturing melanin. In the 15th novel his power become more powerful after his powers 'awaken,' allowing him to manipulate vectors without the need of the Misaka Network.

When he was a child he was quite powerful and used his ability on those that tried to hurt him. The city and its military forces tried to kill him but to no avail, they could not stop him. From that point on he has developed a sense that he could not trust anyone and was left alone throughout his life until now.

His unique ability later made him the subject of an experiment attempting to create the first Level 6 psychic; according to the city's best supercomputer, Tree Diagram (which was unprecedentedly destroyed by Index's Dragon Breath), this feat could only be achieved by killing 128 skilled Level 5 psychics without a single failure. Since there are only six other known Level 5s in Academy City, an alternative plan had to be created. The subject could "level up" by killing 20,000 skilled Level 3 psychics, who were, in this case, the Misaka clones. He willingly joins the experiment to gain a reputation as the most powerful and feared psychic that no one would be foolish enough to challenge and even killed many who got in his way. Mikoto tries to stop the experiment to save her sisters, but it is Tōma who finally does so and defeats Accelerator after discovering his weakness: Accelerator was physically weak because of his total reliance on his powers. Overconfidence in his psychic abilities resulted in his defeat as Tōma beat him with his Imagine Breaker and street-fighting skills.

After his defeat in volume three of the light novels, he reappears in volume five and takes a more heroic role protecting a girl named Last Order, the last Misaka clone. Although he does not like her company he tolerates her, and eventually saves her from Ao Amai's plot. However, while in the process of saving Last Order, he was unable to defend himself (as his power had to be concentrated elsewhere) and was shot by Ao Amai in the head, damaging his speech and calculation capabilities which are important for any power user. A battery-operated device eventually was developed by Heaven Canceler for the Misaka Network to perform the necessary calculations for him to speak and use his Redirection ability. Initially the device only contained enough battery power for him to use his Redirection ability for 15 minutes. As the series goes on, the device's capability increased, allowing him to use his power for a longer duration. He later is forced to become a member of GROUP after being threatened to cut off his connection with the Misaka Network. He fights Kakine Teitoku, the second strongest Level 5 and ultimately beats him.
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