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Himemiya ToriHimemiya Tori

Himemiya Tori
Himemiya Tori
Nom original
姫宮 桃李
Alias ou pseudonyme
Himemiya Touri


Ensemble Stars! - Himemiya Tori - Minna no Kuji - Minna no Kuji - Ensemble Stars! ~Ou no Kikan~ (FuRyu)Ensemble Stars! - Himemiya Tori - Ensemble Stars! Ochatomo - Kouchabu e Youkoso! Hen - Ochatomo Series (MegaHouse)Ensemble Stars! - Himemiya Tori - Koedarize - Koedarize Ensemble Stars! Vol. 1 (Takara Tomy)

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À propos

A rich boy who seems like an angel on the outside, but is actually mischievous like a devil on the inside, Tori knows how to make the best use of his physical charms. Power-hungry, he loves having the spotlight on him. He's the student council secretary and passionately admires the student council president Eichi Tenshouin.

He has a master-and-servant relationship with second year Yuzuru Fushimi, who has lived at his mansion since childhood. Even at school he calls Yuzuru "slave" and has Yuzuru dote on him hand and foot.

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