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Metal KnightMetal Knight

Metal Knight
Metal Knight
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Dr. Bofoy


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Bofoy (ボフォイ博士, Bofoi Hakase) is an S-Class, rank 6[1], superhero for the Hero Association. He also goes by the hero name Metal Knight (メタルナイト, Metarunaito).

He appears to have an avid interest in any form of high technology, as shown when he sent one of his robots to collect remnants or look for anything that might be useful in the wreckage of the Dark Matter Thieves' ship. Despite being a hero, he has no compassion for others if it won't benefit him. Even when a meteor is about to strike Z-City, his only concern is the reliability of his new missiles. Because of Engine Knight's warning to Genos, anything about Bofoy remains mysterious.
Your Bridge to Deals in the Islands of the Rising Sun.

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