Hetalia World Stars - Russia - Nendoroid (Orange Rouge)Hetalia World Stars - Russia - Nendoroid (Orange Rouge)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

Hetalia World Stars - Russia - Nendoroid (Orange Rouge)
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PO when
Il y a 2 heures
Il y a 1 jour
Wow, he looks super cute !
Il y a 1 jour
He is SO much cuter than I hoped he’d be! My baby boyyyyy~! (Lol, I actually kicked my legs in excitement when I saw him!)

I was all set to repaint him to his normal colors if they made him, but there’s just something so cute about this purple that I almost don’t want to! (I’ll probably just PO two and paint one.)

I’m so happy they made him. I was worried he wouldn’t be popular enough.

And even though he’s not one of my top faves with Russia and America, I hope they make France, too (and China, just to have the original guys... Canada would also look adorable as a Nendo, though, and imagine how cute kumajiro would be).

Edit: Is it just me, or does it look like they gave him a bit of a straight nose to mimic his big one? If so, that’d be perfect!
Il y a 2 jours
Can't believe I'm buying hetalia merch in 2020.... 2012 tumblr era me would be squealing in joy LMAO

Any idea when he'll be available for PO tho? I don't think I can handle POing all these releases in one go lol
Il y a 3 jours
wow i really thought this franchise was dead lol
there is no way im not getting one of my first husbandos
Il y a 3 jours
YESSS he looks soo cute!! The colors look gorgeous >///<

Please give us more Hetalia Nendoroids!!
Il y a 3 jours
Kippikyu 十四松 ♥
Wow the color scheme is gorgeous!
Il y a 3 jours
Omg he looks so cute!!
Il y a 3 jours
Oh my gosh thank you OR for continuing the line!!! Hopefully there will be an Austria, Prussia, and the Netherlands in the future ToT
Il y a 3 jours
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