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knaomiIl y a 3 jours#85030940She looks great but the fact that her boobs are pointing in slightly different directions is kinda distracting.

knaomiIl y a 3 jours#85031041True, but my boobs don’t swing in wildly different directions when I’m jumping up and down.

You said slightly then you said wildly. So which one is it? Anyways, they look fine to me.
Il y a 8 heures
3H from what I played was a tad bit better than fates. Fates has a lot of characters but not a lot of them are popular to make figures. We only got a Camilla PVC and if you didn't get it on pre order you're kinda sol. Awakening had 2 tharja and Cordelia to my understanding were pretty popular in Japan. Im glad we're getting a proper Lyn figure though
Il y a 12 heures
3H was such a jump up from Fates, yall crazy.

I love me some Lyndis though
Il y a 14 heures
Cloud409Il y a 3 jours#85033277Really nice to see Lyn finally getting a figure. I'm also happy they didn't make a 3H character, one of my least favorite FE games, just because its the newest FE game.

I also didn't like 3H that much and I'm happy to see Lyn is finally getting a figure.
Il y a 1 jour
I hope she goes up for PO soon... I know it's only been 2 days since this was uploaded but I'm impatient and I'm really hyped for this figure LOL
Il y a 1 jour

Omg yessssss the only green haired girl I'll ever love gets a figure, this is where it all began for me ~20 years ago after purchasing FE7 for the Gameboy advance lol. Oh man, this gon' be good!
Il y a 1 jour
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Wow about time!! My all time favorite of fire emblem. Getting her.

Only need Ninian from FE7 <3
Maybe eliwood and Hector but unlikely for those
Il y a 2 jours
OMG i want one so bad...... praying she's not like $400 lmao
Il y a 2 jours
Haven't bought a 1/7 figure in years but about to start saving up for this one! She looks incredible! Hoping Celica or Micaiah can get a 1/7 next!!!
Il y a 2 jours
Just came back here to comment again how I'm still slightly in awe they made an older FE character into a figure. This is giving me renewed hope for a Lucina figure when my hope slowly died after her figma came out and there were no further announcements. Hell, I would have been satisfied with just a nendoroid, figma just look terrible in comparison. I'll definitely be preordering Lyn and hope it encourages IntSys to make more figures.
Il y a 2 jours